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The solitude, the scenery, the sights – take in our wide open spaces and enjoy the Yukon’s stress-free, relaxed atmosphere.

Unmatched beauty lies in the snow-kissed mountains, glacial lakes, fjords, rivers, valleys, and lush forests of Alaska.

Garmendia makes monological observational comedy videos. She is best known for starring in My Drunk Kitchen, a weekly series on You Tube.

Apart from her main channel, she also runs a second channel where she talks about life in general and gives her opinions on various topics.

Despite the number and variety of issues that arise while raising a troubled teen, there is most certainly an agency or hotline waiting and willing to help.

Parents can choose to send their teen to an "all boys" or "all girls" school and can even decide to choose a Christian or non-Christian school.

They have since left the company and ended the series to try to get the series on television. Gained fame in June 2012 when her video titled "JB Fanvideo" went viral, resulting in the creation of the internet meme "Overly Attached Girlfriend." She uploads weekly videos as herself on a variety of topics.

Character created by comedian and You Tube personality Colleen Ballinger that satirizes bad, but egotistical singers who post videos of themselves singing on You Tube. A financial broker and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff is known for the video "Peter Schiff Was Right 2006–2007 (2nd Edition)" by You Tuber Jdouche.

At the end of every year since 2010, You Tube releases the You Tube Rewind video featuring the most popular You Tubers for the given year.

The video features the year's most popular videos, people, music, moves, memes, and moment on Youtube.

A home-based behavior program such as The Parent Coach Plan, Teen Behavior or The Total Transformation can help those parents that can't afford to send their teens away for expensive treatment.

These programs are inexpensive and can be very effective.• Teens participate in academics, individual therapy, and milieu therapy while at the center.

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An Australian vlogger who makes comedic and misleading tutorial videos, notably by destroying large quantities of food and various housewares.

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