Valentines day ideas if you just started dating

And I'm going to go ahead and guess you've gotten each other plenty of those throughout the years.

Now it's time to SPICE UP the sex life with a his and hers pleasure massager kit, like this one from Life Styles for just .

But it could be time to get your partner a fun, sexy present that you wouldn't have gotten them before.

My personal suggestion would be Lelo's "Open Secret Luxury Gift Box" for 9, complete with satin handcuffs, rose petals to lay out on the bed and even a small vibrator.

You can pair the card with an activity like dinner or drinks, or you can leave it as just that.

Inside of it, you can keep it light with just a funny joke and a quick "Happy Valentine's Day!

time to get your special (or not-so-special) someone something. For just on Amazon, you can get 36 different lubricated condoms, each with their own fun, unique sensations.Worst case scenario, they think you're obsessed with them and it's so creepy, but you strategically fight back by giving the rest of your 27 packs to people you he knows, so he sees that you're just giving them to everyone and it means nothing. You guys aren't in a relationship, so it's not quite time to go balls-to-the-wall with a gift.But you definitely like them a lot and want them to know how you feel about them.So the two of you aren't just "casually" dating anymore. Whatever you do, make sure they're totally unique to your relationship. You've done all of the cute presents, but you don't want to be boring and buy them something like a blender or a knife set for your now shared kitchen.It's pretty serious, and you really love each other. No, you want to get them something you can together.

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