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Calling tech entrepreneurs from Delhi/NCR and Chennai!Applications for the Net App Excellerator are now open - here's a chance to meet senior personnel from Net App India and make the most of this opportunity. Dell presents The Big Idea – a platform for students to turn their ideas into real businesses.This story particularly pulled a chord because of the hardships the brothers have faced to keep the store running.16) idea Forge: Netra is a small eye zooming in the sky to gather real time intelligence on the ground.This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), shaped like a spider and weighing less than 1.5 kg, was used in the recent Uttarakhand flood rescue operations.24) Flocations: Flocations is a Singaporean startup which aggregates travel packages offered by offline tour operators.

Here is part of his response: “The idea is basically to try and level the playing ground a little bit so all of those people who have sort of been doing — for lack of a better word — over optimization or overly doing their SEO compared to the people who are just making great content and trying to make a fantastic site — we want to sort of make that playing field a little more level.This came as a bit of a surprise for us, the app is popular it seems!2) Airwoot: Airwoot is a New Delhi based social media listening and analytics startup that helps businesses to engage with their customers on social media and provide real-time customer support. dropouts certainly struck a chord with the audience.3) Rasilant: Founded by Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay, Rasilant technologies is a Global Automation Solutions and System Integration Services company that has undertaken more than 35 major projects till date.And so that’s the sort of thing where we try to make the Googlebot smarter." "We try to make our relevance more adaptive so that people don’t do SEO, we handle that and then we also start to look at the people who sort of abuse it, whether they put too many keywords on the page or whether they exchange way too many links or whatever they’re doing to sort of go beyond what a person would expect in a particular area and so that is something where we continue to pay attention and continue to work on it and it is an active area where we’ve got several engineers on my team working on that right now.” If this new algorithm change, which Cutts officially announced on Google's Webmaster Central Blog last week, does, in fact, do what Cutts promised at SXSW, it could prove to be great news for small and mid-sized ecommerce merchants.As with all things related to the Google search algorithm, the particulars of this change are secret, but its safe to say Google will be focusing on penalizing sites that violate their quality guidelines.

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