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6 – Comey, in written testimony, said he briefed then-President-elect Trump while the two men were alone in Trump Tower on this date.

The briefing dealt with the salacious and unverified dossier alleging that Russia had compromising information about Trump.

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Digital publishers are reckoning with the potential impact of Facebook’s planned changes to its news feed, with reactions ranging from trepidation to confidence to reflection on the folly of depending on the social network for web traffic in the first place. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos is granting million in college scholarships for undocumented immigrant high-school graduates in the U. Preparations for the legal fight over AT&T’s billion Time Warner takeover suggest the antitrust case will focus heavily on the small screen, drawing much of its evidence from the companies’ video rivals.

An independent Fox News review of The New York Times’ reporting dating back to January reveals a host of stories sourced from top FBI and DOJ officials – or those privy to their conversations – that either paint Comey in a positive light or push a message he was unable to personally disclose.

Though Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3 he’d never been -- or directed another FBI official to be -- an anonymous source for news reports about the Trump and Hillary Clinton investigations, the then-FBI chief did not deny orchestrating leaks using, for instance, an old friend who works at Columbia University, or providing the information to a wide enough group to ensure it would leak.

March 5 – Several “senior American officials and senior FBI officials” tell The Times that Comey argued that Trump’s surveillance claim was false and had to be publicly corrected, even going so far as to ask DOJ to push back on the allegation.

Global-View has been directly involved with the industry since its infancy.

This news, and the ensuing firestorm, leads to Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

Comey said in his June written statement that he knew as far back as mid February that Sessions would likely be recusing himself.

NASA’s plan to routinely ferry astronauts into orbit using private spacecraft—initially slated to start last year—has slipped until at least the spring of 2019 and unresolved hazards threaten further delays.

President Trump’s legal team may be prepared to show a trail of leaks to The New York Times by former FBI Director James Comey – dating back to at least March – in a pair of complaints set to be filed to the Justice Department inspector general and Senate Judiciary Committee, a source close to the team told Fox News.

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