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It can learn Rock-type move Rock Throw earlier at level 11 and has great new attacks like Ground-type Magnitude (very powerful at level 16! Can learn Strength HM and also Fighting-type move TM08 Rock Smash which is useful for when in caves.This will cause flowers to bloom near the bridge, creating a new path.You can enter the cave from Violet City, Blackthorn City, Route 31, Route 45, and Route 46.You'll need Flash to light your way through the cave and Rock Smash and Surf to find all of the items inside.It's just another Normal-type Pokémon with average stats and very few good attacks.In fact, the only offensive move it gets before level 26 is its starting move, Rage, which is pretty useless.Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is one of the highest show caves in the country!

You'll have many opportunities to catch this Pokémon, but you may prefer to do it early since Ground/Rock-type Pokémon are particularly useful against the Flying-type Pokémon in the Violet City Gym. If you're playing Crystal instead, this cave remains an opportunity to catch a Geodude and a Zubat, but that's hardly worth the trip.

A narrow ledge just ahead of you next to the tunnel you entered from leads up.

If you have time, proceed to the second floor and follow the instructions listed in our Exploration Day 24 guide.

If you carefully raise Teddiursa from a cub, it will become a very powerful Ursaring at later levels.

If you're extremely lucky, you may also run into a Dunsparce.

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Take to the skies on the Bat-a-Pult, an epic 1200-foot aerial attraction high along beautiful Williams Canyon.

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