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My project consists of an evaluation performed in two Intensive Care Units in London, UK.

By evaluating the user interface requirements of an Electronic Patient Record, (CAREVUE), I pretend to build an information tool which will then be used in future EPR implementations more...

The beer survey was used to determine female attitudes towards beer advertising.

Unfortunately, these misconceptions can keep employers from harnessing the wealth and expertise of older candidates.This study will survey about 600 coaches to determine what competencies they believe are efficacious in facilitating their clients to perform better on their jobs. ITECRI is a non-profit research institute (academic) whose vision is advancing research and practice of Information Technology Management in both the private and public sectors. I am taking a course at the University of Western Ontario and need to conduct an online survey as part of research.A link page is provided for visitors to our web site where we will place the link to Question. Several of my colleagues have recommended your site.If you haven't worked recently, you'll find offices more casual than they used to be.In most industries, the days of the power suit are long past. While finding a job can be hard work at any age, older workers need to be even more patient and diligent. Not surprisingly, many job leads come from friends, family or colleagues.

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