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HOW TO USE: Step 1: Put your thumb to scanner your blood pressure orhypertension Step 2: Wait 3 seconds to calculate blood pressure Step 3: Your Fake blood pressure will be shown automatically aftercalculation.

This is not a real temperature Calculating application or 'infrared thermometer 'this app is only used to prank friends andfamily and gives false body temperature results.“body temperature Scanner“ works by putting your finger in the spotin the center of the phone and hold it for 2 second then theapplication will give you your body Fingerprint thermometer Scanner or cheaker can be used as a prankto make people think that your phone galaxy s6 or s5 can guess thetemperature or the body.

This application allows you to send these messages (SMS,whatsapp, facebook, gmail, viber, Tinder, ...) and walking on allphone ayont the android system.♥ Over 200 messages in 100% French♥ Sending SMS, Whatsapp, social networks, or any other distributionmeans installed on your smartphone♥ Application is easy to use♥ The best messages of the web, update each month♥ All and sms messages are divided into different categories: Saint Valentine SMS love for girl and boy.

Accounting: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Galaxy edge / mini S6 / S6, HTC, Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, LG G2 and Sony Xperia, HTC One Finger scan pregnancy test is an applicationthat scans your fingerprint and gives you if you are pregnant ornot, this home pregnancy test is a funny way to prank yourgirlfriend or your wife that she is actually pregnant and she willhave a baby (this is not a real pregnancy test).

Download Quran mp3 (quran atfal) and make your kid curious to learnthe Quran (quran karim, kuran kareem) and repeat the Quranic versesof the holy book.★★ Features ★★★ Short breaks after recitation to repeat the verse★ Playlists easily created to target specific verses★Easy app, simple, fast.

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