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Several months of lessons inspired student to travel to Mexico and successfully progress to Spanish V.

- Mentored high school student to help her pass a county-issued test to qualify to take Spanish III at a private school.

It is my pleasure to work with customers on projects pertaining to school, business, and cultural awareness. My consistency, timeliness, and subject matter expertise makes seemingly insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.

Patient and innovative one-on-one approaches encouraged student confidence, helped with ADHD challenges, and re-sparked interest in Spanish.

Clarified basic grammar and vocabulary rules through a comparison to similar patterns in English. - Refined retired school teacher’s intermediate Spanish skills and increased Latino cultural awareness.

- Instruct first thru sixth grades using digital textbooks with lesson plans and video presentations from the online Discovery Education Program. - Converted legal paperwork into Spanish or English to help clients request U. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in the medical field for Latino patients in Maryland and Delaware. - Simultaneous interpretation for Latino patients undergoing independent medical examinations and physical therapy sessions.

Supplement each lesson with my own activities to enhance the educational experience. Assignments allocated based on staffing requirements of Vernacular Language Services and Simlingua Inc.

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